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Wow, just wow, can I just tell you something? Do you know what I see here? I see creativity, talent, artistic greatness!!! I must say t...

Oh my god! Can I be perfectly honest with you?....This comic...has to be..the most.....AMAZING THING I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!! :D :D...

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GF: TSA Ch16: Things Aren't What They Appear
A.N: Hey everybody here’s the next chapter! Sorry it took so long but now I’m finally back!  Enjoy! ;P
I actually wrote so much for this chapter that I had to divide it into two parts.  I’ll post part 2 later ^^

  “Did you find everything okay, ma’am?” Dipper asked, he was talking to a lady at the counter in the gift shop.  Melody had to leave work early because she was looking for a part time job to make a little extra money, and since Wendy’s shift wasn't supposed to start for a few more hours, Dipper kindly volunteered to run the register for the time being.  
  “Yes, thank you very much.”  The woman said smiling, she had purchased a T-shirt that had a question mark on it.  “How much do I owe you?” She asked, “12.95.”  The teen explorer replied, “Okay.”  The woman took out the money and handed it to him.  Dipper put the money in the
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Abby the Artist!!!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey my good people I am CartoonChick927!!! ;) I love cartoons of all kinds, ranging from a Disney movie to a cartoon on Cartoon Network or Disney Channel. I hope to become a real cartoonist someday and be able to create a show(s) that will leave a massive impact on the next generations. But for now, I am here on this site because I love drawing fan art and I absolutely LOVE writing fan fictions to show how much I love them.

Real name: Abigail but you can call me Abby :)
Age: I am 17 years old!!! :D
Birthday: My birthday is the 27th of September :D
Favorite band: Marianas Trench hehe :D
Favorite shows: I love T.V Shows like Regular Show, Gravity Falls, We Bare Bears, Reruns of the Golden Girls, Steven Universe, Spongebob, Once upon a Time, Timeless, Superstore, Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, South Park, Bojack Horseman, Fairly Oddparents (The old episodes are good, not the newer ones, blech! DX), American Dad!, Brickleberry, SVTFOE, Rick N' Morty, and Family Guy
Favorite movies: Disney movies, PIXAR movies, some Dreamworks stuff, some FOX stuff...So yeah, pretty much anything animated...
Favorite Games: Minecraft, COD (sometimes), I used to like the Sims games but I don't play those much anymore (If it wasn't for my computer deciding to die on me! DX), Fallout 4 & Fallout Shelter, and Overwatch

Checkout my profile on…

Respect Stamp~ by SmolTom Cartoon Network Stamp 1 by MammaCarnage Gravity Falls, Stamp by HarukotheHedgehog Gravity Falls Stamp 2013 by ScittyKitty Oohhhhhh by HybridYuki Gravity Falls: Mabel Stamp by SacredLugia Regular Show Watcher Stamp by the-sashimi-frog Rigby Stamp by MS-Pixels Stanford Pines, our Nerd Lord Stamp by Cyber-Iizard :thumb186960232: I Support My Mom by Armor-of-Fire We have tecnology... by Aletheiia90 Squeaky Pickles by endler BUT YER TOO OLD FOR THIS by endler Coffeeee... by HybridYuki Mordecai you bitch by SpiritValleys Standford Stamp by AngelOfTeleportation Gotta Love SOOS stamp by jewelslovescats Silliness Stamp by TheDPFangurl Gravity Falls: Dipper Stamp by SacredLugia GF hug stamp by ParamourxLights Mabel stamp by ParamourxLights -Squidward x Pickle Stamp- by KnightofCandy Wumbo Stamp by Kataoi Dexter Laboratory Stamp by dn-revenge Stewie Stamp 3 by lockjavv Stan Twins stamp by ArcherVale Original Mystery Twins by UsagiGami Mewnie's own sweetheart by jamsbunnies



Vermilion Pearl
Here's Vermiliom Diamond's Pearl!!! ^^

Instead of treating her like a servant, Vermilion Diamond treats her like her best friend.  She calls her V-Pearl.  Even though V-Pearl constantly insists that Vermilion treat her like a servant, Vermilion won't hear of it and keeps treating her nice.  

"Steven Universe" {c} Rebecca Sugar
Vermilion Pearl {c} Me CartoonChick927
Art & Concept By Me 
Fallout OC-Chelsea Love
Here's my second Fallout OC! ^^ This here is Chelsea Love! Juliet's best friend

Name: Chelsea Alyssa Love (Railroad Nickname: "Shadow")
Age: 23
Likes: Helping others, Nuka Cola, Alcohol, Animals, Synths, Ghouls (the nice ones), her "Gainer" gun
Dislikes: Hurting others (when they don't deserve it), Feral Ghouls, Super Mutants, Raiders, Lying, Losing friends, Synths being used as slaves
Allies: The Railroad (member), The Minutemen, Lights of the Commonwealth (Juliet's group)
Enemies: The BOS, The Institute

S. P. E. C. I. A. L

Strength: 5
Perception: 10
Endurance: 3
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 4
Luck: 1

Her Story:

Like Juliet, Chelsea was born and raised in a loving family, she had her father, her mother, and her older sister, Lorelei. Her family supported the synths, they weren't part of The Railroad, but they still helped synths in every way they could. Unfortunately, word got out about them which managed to catch the attention of the BOS. The Elder ordered that they be silenced immediately. Not long after, knights of the BOS attacked Chelsea and her family. Her parents and her sister died in the attack but Chelsea managed to escape. She was thirteen when this happened and since then she hated the BOS and vowed to destroy them.

Eventually she found "Little Lamplight" where she was let in and then befriended Juliet. Juliet consoled her and told her that she knew her pain about losing her parents because she was separated from hers. The two soon became best friends and have been best friends since then.

Chelsea left "Little Lamplight" when she was sixteen. Even though Juliet was now the leader and got rid of the age limit, Chelsea decided that she should finish what her parents started and help as many synths as she could. She had heard of a secret group called The Railroad, a group that helped synths escape to freedom. She decided to join them and free all the synths. She found The Railroad and proved her worth to them and they officially let her join and gave her the name "Shadow", they called her this because when she moved synths at night, she made herself hard to see by wearing dark clothes and using Stealth Boys to disappear into shadows.

Unfortunately, like her parents, word of her rescues got out to the BOS. They had managed to capture a Railroad Agent who was in contact with Chelsea and had a letter that revealed her next location. So Elder Maxon ordered Paladin Danse and a few of the other knights and scribes to go kill her and anyone else involved and to "Take No Prisoners". They obeyed and headed for her location and attacked her and the synths and other Railroad Agents involved in the mission. They managed to shoot two agents dead and Chelsea told the remaining agents to take the synths and go and that she would hold them off. She managed to take out all of the knights and scribes with her minigun leaving Danse the only one left standing. The two fought it out but Danse won when Chelsea's minigun ran out of ammo and he knocked her to the ground and was about to shoot her. Chelsea began to cry for the third time since her parents died and feared for her life. Even though he himself was a synth, (he didn't know yet) Danse felt his artificial heart hurt a little as he felt empathy for her. He then told her to go and that they would never speak of this meeting. This took her aback, he was letting her go? A Brotherhood Paladin sparing a Railroad Agent? He then told her to leave before he changed his mind. Chelsea wasted no time and left, however, she never forgot that night and the sacrifice and what Danse did for her.

I don't own Fallout or the characters, I only own my own characters
Fallout OC-Juliet Weathers
This is my very first Fallout character! This is Juliet Weathers! Her story expands through both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 :) I hope you guys like her! :love:

Also before I share her story, I ask everyone to be fair with me you will not agree with some of the content. Okay here we go!!! ^^

Name: Juliet Ophelia Weathers
Age: 23
Likes: Animals, Synths, Ghouls (not the feral ones), Nuka Cola, Pre-War music, making friends, helping others
Dislikes: When people are rude, Super Mutants, Feral Ghouls, Killing innocent people, Stealing (when it's not necessary), Using Synths as slaves
Allies: The members of the Minutemen, The members of the Railroad, Piper, MacCready, Cait, and Dogmeat
Enemies: The Brotherhood Of Steele, The Institute

S. P. E. C. I. A. L

Strength: 4
Perception: 2
Endurance: 3
Charisma: 10
Intelligence: 2
Agility: 2
Luck: 6

Her Story:

Juliet was born and raised into a loving family. She was the only child and her parents named her Juliet because they liked Shakespeare (kinda like how Strong likes MacBeth)

Her family had a good life in the Commonwealth, they weren't as fortunate as people like Jack Cabot, or the mayor of Diamond City, but they had it A LOT better than other people. But that didn't last long for one day when Juliet was nine, her house was attacked by feral ghouls. Her parents tried to fight them off and told her to run as far away as she could and save herself in case they wouldn't make it. She obeyed and ran far into the Commonwealth. After running for what felt like forever, she eventually found a cave to rest in but there was something 'off' about this cave. There were gorgeous lights strung up inside the cave. Amazed, Juliet followed the lights and eventually came to a gate where two kids her age had guns and were standing watching. They noticed her and told her that this was a settlement called "Little Lamplight", a settlement where it was just kids and no adults, because they didn't trust adults. They then questioned her why she was there. Juliet explained her situation and asked politely if she could stay until she could find her family again. They let her in but told her she would have to discuss it with "The Mayor" first. Juliet was a bit scared but was relieved when she saw that it was another kid her age, maybe a year older. The mayor questioned why she was there as well and the two kid guards told him what Juliet told them. The mayor thought for a minute looking her over suspiciously making sure she wasn't some kind of spy. Finally he decided that it couldn't hurt for her to stay. He then shook her hand and welcomed her to "Little Lamplight" and introduced himself as MacCready.

A few years passed for all of them and Juliet got along with everybody on the settlement and became "best friends" with everyone including MacCready which was weird because he never really trusted anyone but he trusted her fine. She'd usually accompany him on lookout duty which he didn't really care if she was around or not. But she also worried, she was still there and she hadn't found her parents in her years of searching, she had even managed to get back to her home only to find they weren't there. What made things worse was that she was fifteen, and she knew the big rule of "Little Lamplight" once you were sixteen, you had to pack up your things and leave...she only had one year left...

Then things got even worse. MacCready had turned sixteen and had to leave the settlement. Juliet begged her friend to not leave saying that they all needed him still, she needed him still. She tried to convince him to break the rule and continue to be there leader, but he left anyway breaking Juliet's heart knowing she had lost one of her best friends. Then there was an even BIGGER problem, with MacCready gone, who was gong to lead them? There wasn't one likely candidate! Eventually everyone on the settlement unanimously decided that since he and Juliet were the closest, Juliet should be the leader until she had to leave. Juliet then took the position of mayor. Still heartbroken at her friend leaving, Juliet made their first decree at mayor that there was no longer an age limit, that no one would leave and that they would never throw out any of their own people. The Commonwealth was too dangerous for people to be out on their own. She also decreed that they were to take the settlement and rename it. It was no longer "Little Lamplight" but now "Lights of the Commonwealth".

There's more to her story but I'll add all of that later :)

I don't own Fallout or it's characters, I only own Juliet
Vermilion Diamond
This is probably going to be my last Steven Universe OC for a while ^^;

So yeah...I finally made a diamond...Isn't she purdy!? :D 

This is Vermilion Diamond, she's the kind and shy one and doesn't really approve of the other diamonds wanting to destroy the Earth.  So she kinda just stays away from them and their affairs.  She rules her gems with a gentle hand and is never cruel to them, she doesn'y even order her Pearl around like a servant!

She is also really fond of Earth and all of it's living things kind of like Rose Quartz loved Earth.  Oh! And she's voiced by Gabrielle Aplin!!! Isn't that cool? :giggle: 

Here's what Gabrielle Aplin sounds like in case you didn't know:…

But yeah, I was so excited to make her! I hope you guys like her :blushes: 

"Steven Universe" {c} Rebecca Sugar
Vermilion Diamond {c} Me CartoonChick927
Art & Concept by Me :D 
Only fans of Fallout can answer this :)

A. Piper
B. Nick Valentine
C. Codsworth
D. Dogmeat
E. MacCready
F. Danse
G. Cait
H. Hancock
I. Preston
J. Deacon
K. Strong
L. Curie
M. The Courser



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