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Wow, just wow, can I just tell you something? Do you know what I see here? I see creativity, talent, artistic greatness!!! I must say t...

Oh my god! Can I be perfectly honest with you?....This comic...has to be..the most.....AMAZING THING I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!! :D :D...

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In a Whole New World Chapter 4: Getting Adjusted
A.N: Hey everyone! Welcome back to “In a Whole New World”! :D In the last chapter, we saw Alexander starting to get settled into the apartment while Rose is worried she’s going to regret her decision on taking him in.  What will happen next? Find out now!
Also, thanks for all the support, you guys are really keeping this story going ;) Thank you for the condolences about my grandfather, and a very special thank you to my good friend flowerpower71 for her wonderful ideas and inspiring me ;)
  A few days later, Rose woke up to the sound of her alarm clock ringing.  She rolled over so she was laying on her belly and pressed the snooze button on it to shut it off.  She tossed her sheets aside and swung her legs over the side of her bed, let out a yawn, and slipped into her light blue robe and tied the sash.  She looked at the clock to check the time.
  ‘6:30 a.m’
  She sighed as she stood up from her bed and le
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In a Whole New World Chapter 3: New Home
A.N: Hey everyone! I was going to take a few days off from this story before updating but I decided I should probably give this chapter to you now (Think of it as a bit of an Easter treat ;) ) Now, the reason I was going to take a few days off from this story was because...My grandpa died and I needed to spend time with my family...But I’m feeling a whole lot better and I’m okay to update :) So in the last chapter, Alexander woke up after being resurrected courtesy of Mr. Porter and Johnson.  At first he’s amazed but then was upset to find that Eliza, Angelica, and everyone that he cared about were dead.  He’s devastated, but then Mr. Porter tells Johnson to send him to stay with his daughter.  Alexander meets Rose but she doesn’t take it very well.  How will she respond to this? Find out now! ^^
Also, for those who are wondering Alexander’s age, he’s 27 again, the age he was when he met Eliza.  The whole resurrectio
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In a Whole New World Chapter 2: Finally Awake
A.N: Hello again guys! Here's the chapter 2! Woot!
  Alexander groaned as he put his left hand to his head.  
 ‘Ugh, what happened?’ He thought to himself, he struggled to open his eyes as he moved his hand to slick back his black hair.  The last thing he remembered, he was standing in Weehawken, New Jersey, he and Burr got into a duel...and he lost.  He remembered it all too well, the slight chill in the air that morning, the scared look of his opponent, the pain he felt as he was shot down.  
  Then he remembered being in a bright place with Eliza, and Angelica, Laurens, Phillip, and Washington! But now he was no longer there!
  ‘Where am I? What is this place? It feels different.  Am I here? Am I on the other side?’  He asked himself,
  Then he heard the door open.  In walked a nurse with tan skin and black hair.  She approached the bed that he was laying in.  
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In a Whole New World Chapter 1: The Resurrection
A.N: Oh boy...Where do I begin? Um...Yeah, I’m going to be doing a fanfic for this fandom inspired by the musical...I really like this musical and I’m sad that they ended it the way history went...I want to fix that :) I know this is changing history but hey, if Don Bluth and Disney could each change history then I can too.  So here’s how it’s going to work.  The characters are going to look the way they did in the musical, not historically (Duh) and I don’t own the musical or the characters.  Lin-Manuel Miranda owns those precious gems ^^ and also, I don't really know how a lot of political meetings work, so just go with it.  Okay, enjoy! ;)
Weehawken, New Jersey: 1804

  Aaron Burr stood there in shock as he lowered his gun.  What did he just do!? Not ten feet away from him, his opponent, Alexander Hamilton, clutched the area below his chest as he fell to the ground in agony.  Burr loo
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Abby the Artist!!!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey my good people I am CartoonChick927!!! ;) I love cartoons of all kinds, ranging from a Disney movie to a cartoon on Cartoon Network or Disney Channel. I hope to become a real cartoonist someday and be able to create a show(s) that will leave a massive impact on the next generations. But for now, I am here on this site because I love drawing fan art and I absolutely LOVE writing fan fictions to show how much I love them.

Real name: Abigail but you can call me Abby :)
Age: I am 17 years old!!! :D
Birthday: My birthday is the 27th of September :D
Favorite band: Marianas Trench hehe :D
Favorite shows: I love T.V Shows like Regular Show, We Bare Bears, Reruns of the Golden Girls, Gravity Falls, Spongebob, Once upon a Time, Timeless, Superstore, Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, South Park, Bojack Horseman, Fairly Oddparents (The old episodes are good, not the newer ones, blech! DX), American Dad!, SVTFOE, Rick N' Morty, and Family Guy
Favorite movies: Disney movies, PIXAR movies, some Dreamworks stuff, some FOX stuff, American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding, American Reunion, that's about it...
Favorite Games: Minecraft, COD (sometimes), I used to like the Sims games but I don't play those much anymore (If it wasn't for my computer deciding to die on me! DX), Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play, Wii Fit, a little bit of Mario Kart racing, and Overwatch

Checkout my profile on…

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Have you guys ever watched "Brickleberry"?

I just found the time to watch it...AND I LOVE IT!!! :love: :love: :love: It's so funny and I love the characters!!! It's just..GAH!!! XD XD XD
I just opened a fortune cookie and it says:

"Many bright days will be coming soon"
Ugh! Disney Channel won't stop retweeting things!!!
A.N: Hey everyone! Welcome back to “In a Whole New World”! :D In the last chapter, we saw Alexander starting to get settled into the apartment while Rose is worried she’s going to regret her decision on taking him in.  What will happen next? Find out now!

Also, thanks for all the support, you guys are really keeping this story going ;) Thank you for the condolences about my grandfather, and a very special thank you to my good friend flowerpower71 for her wonderful ideas and inspiring me ;)

  A few days later, Rose woke up to the sound of her alarm clock ringing.  She rolled over so she was laying on her belly and pressed the snooze button on it to shut it off.  She tossed her sheets aside and swung her legs over the side of her bed, let out a yawn, and slipped into her light blue robe and tied the sash.  She looked at the clock to check the time.

  ‘6:30 a.m’

  She sighed as she stood up from her bed and left her room and went down the hall heading for the kitchen.  She stopped however and turned to look at the guest room.  She began to wonder, the day her father and Alexander showed up, she had just come home from school and work and collapsed on the couch from exhaustion.  Maybe when she collapsed on the couch she fell asleep and what happened for the past few days was all a dream and as it turned out no one was staying with her.  For the past few days she checked the room every morning to make sure it was all real and not some dream.  Each morning she found him sleeping the guest bed which signified that she was awake.  

  ...But just to be sure…

  She approached the room quietly opening the door a slight crack and peeked inside, her theory was once again proven wrong when she saw Alexander still asleep in bed.  

  That answered her question once and for all.  The whole thing wasn't a dream...

  She was awake…

  Rose still couldn't believe she let her father talk her into doing this.  This whole thing was wrong on SO many levels.  For starters, he brought someone back FROM THE DEAD.  Then he's going to use said person to save the nation.  Then he had the nerve to dump him onto her, why was this HER responsibility!? Why did she have to be involved!? After all, it was her father’s experiments and his love for his job that caused her mom to walk out on them with some other guy.  Now they were living together happily in California and Rose only got to see her during the holidays.  She still couldn't believe it, she was currently stuck with a Founding Father as a roommate.  

  Well, she wasn't going to get too involved with this whole thing.  After her mom left during her senior year of high school, she vowed to not be involved with her father’s government projects ever again and this was no exception.  As far as she was concerned, she and Alexander were roommates and when this whole thing was over with, she won't have anything to do with him.  

  Rose yawned and gave a stretch as she entered the kitchen and opened the fridge.  She reached in and pulled out some eggs, milk and butter to make breakfast for two.  She turned the stove on and cracked the eggs into the pan and began to poke at them with a spatula.  She also put on a pot of coffee and put bread in the toaster.  

  After a few minutes of cooking, Alexander came into the room sleepy-eyed and his black hair a mess.  He was wearing some white pajamas and a dark blue robe that were given to him courtesy of the institute.  He wrapped his arm around his middle where his wound was and held it until it stopped hurting.  When the pain died down he rubbed his tired eyes with his arm and approached Rose who was still focused on cooking.    

  After a minute she turned and noticed him.  “Oh Alexander! Good morning, did you sleep well?” She asked awkwardly, this felt so weird.  

  “I slept fine, thank you.”  Alexander replied,

  “Good.”  Rose nodded, she then gestured towards the table.  “Go sit, breakfast will be done in a few.”  Alexander went and took a seat at the kitchen table.  After a few minutes breakfast was ready and Rose dumped the eggs and toast onto two plates.  She brought them over to the table and set one down in front of him and one in front of her place at the table.  She then went to go fetch their coffee.  She set the mugs down then sat down as well taking the seat right beside him.  They were both starving, Alexander being a little hungrier than Rose was and the scientist’s daughter knew why.  

  He didn't really eat well for the past few days.  Shortly after her dad left on the first night, Rose was kind enough to make some pasta for the both of them.  But when she called him saying dinner was ready, he didn't come out of his room.  She went to his room and saw him looking out the window depressed, but she could hardly blame him; considering he was dead for over two hundred years, the first few meals alive were going to be a little weird for him, plus knowing that he was gone for that long and was then brought back undoubtedly gave him a lot to think about.  Enough to spoil his appetite.  Truth be told, this whole thing spoiled Rose’s appetite a bit as well.  So Rose left the plate in his room and ended up retrieving it later.  The next few nights were exactly the same.  

  Rose looked at him now, even though he was eating a little too fast for her taste, she was definitely glad that he was getting some food in him.  

  When they were done Rose picked up both dishes and took them to the sink to clean them.  Afterwards she grabbed clothes from her room and headed to the bathroom for a shower, meanwhile Alexander continued to look around the living room admiring all of the nice decor on the walls and in the then Rose came back out into the living room.  She was wearing a coral T shirt with cut-off jeans shorts and a jean jacket, her wet hair up in a ponytail.  

  “Okay Alexander, I have to go out to get some things, I’ll be back in a half hour.”  Rose told him, “There are snacks in the cupboard and you can watch T.V if you want to.  I really don’t care.”  She then grabbed the keys to her apartment and her purse.  “Don’t answer the door for anyone but me.”  She told him,  

  Alexander turned to her and gave her a look.  “I’m not a child.”  He said slightly offended.  “Yeah I know that, but you shouldn't be seen by people just yet. We need to wait until you're a little bit better.  You're in no condition to meet people.”  She said, she then headed for the door, “Later Alligator.”  She said,

  “I’m not a gator!”  He said offended, “How dare you address me with such a crude insult!?” Rose rolled her eyes in annoyance, “It was an expression!  Look I gotta go, I’ll see you in a bit.”  She opened it and stepped out of her apartment and closed the door.  

  Alexander watched her leave, he just rolled his eyes at her attitude and went over to the couch, sat down once again feeling pain from his wound, and looked around again.  He looked to the clock ticking on the wall, it now read 8:30 a.m., he wondered how he was going to pass the time.  In his current state he couldn't leave the apartment, not like he wanted to, and since it was just Rose and him in the apartment and the fact that everyone he knew was dead, there was no one around for him to talk to.  

  He then noticed the T.V remote and picked it up.  He turned it over in his fingers in intrigue and looked at it closely.  He then pushed biggest button on the remote and the flat screen T.V instantly flicked on.  He was startled and stared at the T.V as the news was covering a story about a murder in Central Park.  After a minute of staring he pressed another button and the channel changed.  He smiled at this marvelous discovery.  He clicked the button over and over again starting to flip straight through the channels.  

  About a half an hour later Rose came back to the apartment with a bag full of groceries and a rather large bundle in her arm.  She fumbled with her keys again as she struggled to open the door and was relieved when she finally did.  She entered the apartment and kicked off her sneakers.  

  “Alexander! I’m back!” She called out, she headed into the living room but stopped when she saw Alexander lounging on the couch eyes glued to the T.V.  It was on some dramatic soap opera where a woman was cheating on her husband with some other man.  

  “Enjoying the T.V, I see.”  She spoke up,  Alexander looked over at her just noticing her coming in.  “It’s incredible! What a wonderful form of entertainment!” He said ecstatic, Rose couldn't help but smile and shake her head as she headed into the dining room. “Careful, it's addicting.”  She warned him. she set the bag of groceries and the bundle down.  Alexander turned behind him at her as she was taking things out of the bag and putting them away.  He then noticed the bundle on the table.  

  “What’s that?” He asked, “The institution sent me these.  They're  clothes...for you…”  Rose replied, Alexander was confused, “Clothes? What for?” He asked,

  “Well, if you’re going to fit in with the modern world…”  Rose picked up the bundle, “Then you're going to need a slight change in wardrobe…”  

  “I don’t understand why I have to wear this stuff! What was wrong with the clothes I already have!?” Alexander whined behind his bedroom door.  He was now trying on the clothes the institute sent while Rose was waiting outside leaning up against the bathroom door across from his room.    

  “Well, people don’t really wear coats and breeches anymore.”  Rose said seriously, he hadn’t been there for a full week and he was already starting to become difficult.  If he was going to fit in with the modern world, he was going to have to cooperate, and he currently wasn’t putting any effort in trying to adapt.  

  “Can I come in now?” Rose asked a little harshly, “Yes you may.”  He replied coldly, Rose opened the door and entered the room.  Alexander was standing in front of the mirror next to his bed and was staring at his reflection.  He was now wearing a regular white T-shirt and jeans and a dark grey jacket.  Rose approached him and smirked at his reflection while he looked at himself with confusion.  

  “I feel silly!” He complained, “No, you look like a normal person.”  Rose replied, “I don't like these clothes, they look and feel different.”  He said, “No worries, you'll get used to them.”  Rose assured him.  “You actually look good in them.”  She smiled, “No I don't, I look like an idiot.”  He protested, “I'm not wearing these awful clothes out in public! I have my dignity to uphold!”

  “If you wear your old clothes out in public, people will think you’re a crazy person.”  She said, “You’ll have no dignity if you wear those rags.  

  “Those rags used to be the finest clothes I owned!” Alexander rebutted, it was obvious that he was starting to get upset.  “I had clothes worse than what I came to you in, they were my dress clothes, I met my wife in them, and you have the temerity to call them rags!?”

  Rose was about ready to lose it, but she closed her eyes and took a deep breath and calmed down.  Her look softened.  “Alexander, listen to me, if you’re going to adjust to this new modern way of life, then you’re going to have to make sacrifices.”  Rose said,  “Of course, you’ll probably make a few mistakes along the way, but you don’t have to worry about…”  To Alexander, Rose’s voice was starting to fade as she spoke to him.    


  That word rung in Alexander’s head as he remembered.  Rose was now completely blocked out as she continued to talk, not hearing a word she was saying.  


  The memories started coming back.  
  ...He remembered his mistakes…

  “This is the only way to protect my legacy!”
  ...He remembered their voices...    

  “He’s never going to be president now!”

  “Have you ever seen somebody ruin their own life?”

  He remembered their laughing.  

  He remembered a boy’s face.  

  “Go and come home when you’re done…”

  “...I’ll make you proud, Pop...”  

  “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PLOW!

  “...Alexander?” Rose said slightly concerned, he wasn’t responding, he just stared at the mirror in front of him at his reflection.  His eyes were wide and he was as pale as a ghost.  

  “Alexander, are you okay?” Rose tried again, he still didn’t respond.  Suddenly he bowed his head in shame looking like he was about to cry.  

  “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry Phillip, I’m sorry Eliza…”  He whispered to himself,

  Now worried, Rose attempted to comfort him.  She reached out to place a hand on his shoulder.  He surprised her when he swatted her hand away and began to cry.  

  “GET AWAY FROM ME!” He yelled breaking down, Alexander fell to the floor on his knees and sobbed.   “Alexander what’s wrong with you are you-.”  Rose attempted to approach him again but he stood up and pushed her away.  “GET OUT OF MY ROOM! LEAVE ME!” He yelled, Rose now completely taken aback by his emotional outburst, obeyed and hurriedly left the room.  

Well, that was a sad way to leave off on things.  So anyway, what do you think that emotional breakdown was all about? Do you think Alexander will feel better after it? And what will happen in the next chapter? Find out next time! See ‘ya! ;D
In a Whole New World Chapter 4: Getting Adjusted
200 years after the musical.  The economy is falling apart until a group of government scientists resurrect Alexander Hamilton to fix the broken economy.  They succeed, but he's in a very different world than what he's used to.  Now, he has to learn how to be modern, and who is better to help him than one of the scientist's daughter, Rose.  They get along just fine and Rose shows Alexander a lot about the modern world.  But what happens when they each start to fall for one another? I own nothing! 
Regular Show OC-Stella Babbitt
Her info box in the picture says everything about her :D 

This is Stella Babbit, a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird who works in the Arcade at the mall.  She's from Savannah, Georgia and she just LOVES video games.  While she's working at the mall, she's also going to school learning to become a video game designer.  Seriously, if Mordecai and Rigby are the #1 Video Game enthusiastists of their world, then she's probably #2.  She sees Mordecai and Rigby sometimes when they come into the Arcade while she's working and they always say that they're on their "break" which makes her giggle :giggle:  Occasionally, Stella will give them free games on the house and they love it when she does that because then they can play more games and won't have to go back to work so soon.  Stella considers them the Arcade's best customers ;) Stella is also a roomate and best friend of Stef, the girl whom Mordecai ends up marrying in the end.  They hang out and talk about art and do all the things typical BFF's would do.  When Stella found out that Stef was in love with Mordecai, she was happy that her best friend was in love with another friend of hers.  When the two married, Stella was very happy for Stef and after that, Stella started to get familiar with the Park Crew members too.  She pretty much likes everybody and is a very chil person.  

That's all I got for her story right now, yeah it's not much but I'll add more ^^;

"Regular Show" {c} JG Quintel
Stella Babbitt {c} Me  CartoonChick927
Art & Concept {c} Me
Wish us luck...I'm sure the audience will bring lots of..ibuprofen!!! XD XD XD XD XD



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